How to Factory Reset ALL SAMSUNG Galaxy Phones

Samsung phones all have many things in common. Since Samsung is an established phone manufacturer, many of its designs are reused in all their device. The same applies to the key/button combination used to enter Recovery Mode and factory reset the phones.

There are multiple reasons why you may wanna factory reset the phone, but the most popular reason by far is the fact that you’ve forgotten your lockscreen pin or model and you cannot unlock the device anymore.

It’s paramount to keep in mind that while you can reset the passcode/model by performing a factory reset using the Recovery Mode combo, all the data on the device will be deleted – all the photos, contacts, music, videos, apps, everything.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you have a Google Account linked to the device (for example on the Google Play app), and you don’t have “Unlock OEM Bootloader” turned on in Developer Settings, by performing a factory reset via the Recovery Mode you will trigger FRP (Factory Reset Protection) which means you will be asked for that Google Account and Password during the initial device Setup after the reset is complete.

If you no longer remember your Google Account credentials, you will need an FRP bypass, available on our website for free.

How to Factory Reset ALL SAMSUNG Galaxy Phones
How to Factory Reset ALL SAMSUNG Galaxy Phones

How to Factory Reset ALL SAMSUNG Galaxy Phones

In order to factory reset your Samsung phone, you first need to put it in Recovery Mode. Here’s how to factory reset your Samsung phone quickly.

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed, connect your USB cable to your phone and to the PC! You cannot enter Recovery Mode without being connected to a PC.

  • STEP 1: Press VOLUME DOWN + POWER until the phone shuts down.
  • STEP 2: Press VOLUME UP + POWER BUTTON Until the Samsung A or Galaxy logo appears. Release both buttons when it appears.
  • STEP 3: When Recovery Mode shows up, use the VOLUME keys to navigate Up or Down, and the Power button to select an option.
  • STEP 4: Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset and confirm it.

That’s all, your device will now begin to erase all the data. Once finished, you can select the Reboot System Now option to restart the device.

The first reboot will take a longer time. Your phone will sit on the logo for many minutes before it starts the Setup application. IF you have a backup saved on your computer, you may restore it after the setup.

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