Open various Apps on an FRP-locked device

APK Downloads For FRP Tools

How to use this FRP Bypass Tools page?

Once you are able to access a web browser by abusing TalkBack to open Google Assistant and then open Chrome or YouTube, navigate to this page and use the links we’ve provided above in order to open the Settings app on the locked device, open Galaxy Store to install File Managers, and even install a fully working launcher to easily access the FRP Bypass apps.

Once you are able to open apps installed from this page, the FRP bypass is almost 100% complete. On many cheaper Android phones that use MTK chips, being able to access the Settings page allows you to perform a proper device Reset to Factory Settings from Settings. This way you will disable FRP.

The Reset to Factory Settings from Settings method won’t work on Samsung phones. You will be able to reset the phone, but FRP will still be tripped. You should use the apps above to disable the Setup app.