How to Infinix MDM Lock Remove (Downlaod for All Models)

This website will walk you through the process of easily and quickly removing the Infinix MDM lock from any SPD or MTK-based Infinix smartphone with only one click.

Thus, the following guide will be useful to you if you are a mobile technician and want to remove MDM lock off your phone.

One security feature that lets administrators control the utilization of finance, EMI, and data security is MDM lock (Mobile Device Management lock).

When a device violates established policies, the MDM lock is triggered, preventing users from using the device until the issue is remedied.

How to Remove Infinix MDM Lock

  1. Get the Infinix MDM proinfo.bin file.
  2. Next, download the stock firmware for your phone using the same model.
  3. Next, download and extract the flash tool that was made specifically for flashing your device. Download SPD Research Tool (Spreadturm) OR SPD Flash tool (MTK)
  4. After that, set up the USB driver on your Windows PC.
  5. Run the Flash tool next.
  6. Using the Flash Tool, choose the firmware.
  7. Go to proinfo.bin, the partition file.
  8. Use the downloaded proinfo.bin file in its place.
  9. Next, turn off the Infinix phone.
  10. Use a USB cord to connect your gadget to the computer.
  11. Launch Device Manager and look up the port number.
  12. Select Download.
  13. The process of flashing will start.
  14. It will require some time to complete.
  15. When done, unplug and turn on your Infinix phone.

Download Infinix MDM Remove File for SPD & MTK all Models

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