How to bypass Samsung Galaxy A21s FRP Without PC on Android 12 (2023)

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will detail how to remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from the Samsung Galaxy A21s, which is running the most recent version of Android 12. There are many ways available on Google and on YouTube, but since Android Security Patch updates are issued frequently, you may have found out that none of them work for you if you have a newer security patch installed.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to downgrade the security patch update that you currently have installed, so the best thing you can do is follow the guide and check if this one works for your device.

This is due to security patch releases for Android fixing the bugs and glitches that allow us to bypass FRP on the Samsung Galaxy A21s and other devices. Even this bypass method may get patched in the future with an Android Security update, but it’s best to try it anyway and see if it still works.

What is FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on Android?

FRP or Factory reset protection trips every time you perform a factory reset from Recovery Mode (using the key combination) instead of going to Settings and erasing the device from there. If Unlock OEM Bootloader option is not turned on, after the reset, your device will ask for the previous Google Account linked to the device before the reset.

If you do not remember the login details anymore, your device will be stuck on the FRP screen and you will not be able to complete the setup and use the device unless you either remember your Google Account credentials or perform a compatible FRP bypass to skip it entirely.

TIP: This method is currently 100% working if your Samsung A21S is running Android 12.

FRP Bypass Compatibility

The FRP Bypass method works for all Samsung A21s variants, including the SM-A217F/DS (International), SM-A217M/DS (United States), and SM-A217F/DSN. If you have any of these Samsung models, be sure to try this method and enjoy your bypassed factory reset protection.

How to bypass Samsung Galaxy A21s FRP Without PC on Android 12

To successfully bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP), please follow our guide down below. Do not skip any steps as all parts of the guide are important and they have a specific order in which you should follow them.

Samsung devices come with Knox which is known for being a hard one to bypass, however, the guide below should help you be able to activate your Samsung phone once again and use it normally.

BEFORE WE BEGIN: Make sure the following things are done before you start following the guide below to ensure you can do the steps:

  • The phone language must be set to English and (where available), the country should be the United States.
  • Turn WiFi on and connect to a WiFi network then use the back button on the Setup page to go back to the first “Welcome” page.

STEP 1: Activate TalkBack

For many years, Samsung’s TalkBack has been a vulnerable entry point for FRP bypass. This still holds true as of 2023, so go ahead and ENABLE TalkBack by pressing both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys for a couple of seconds until it activates.

A new window with “Welcome to TalkBack” will show up. Tap the “CLOSE” button in the bottom-right corner.

STEP 2: Activate Voice Commands & Trigger Google Assistant

Once TalkBack is enabled, in the middle of the screen use your finger to draw an inverted “L” by swiping down to right.

A popup will appear asking you if you grant Microphone permissions. Select “While using the app” and “Use voice commands”, then say “Google Assistant” loudly. If you did everything right, Google Assistant will appear on the screen.

STEP 3: Say “YouTube” to Google Assistant

Once you are on the Google Assistant screen, loudly say “YouTube” and the YouTube application should pop up. Now, press on the account icon in the top-right part of YouTube, then tap on the “Terms and conditions” or the “Privacy Policy” links at the bottom of the page that appears. This will make Google Chrome open.

STEP 4: Inside Chrome, Navigate to our FRP Bypass Page

Now that Chrome is open, go ahead and type inside the URL bar.

This will open our FRP Bypass page containing important resources and tools that you can use directly on the phone without a PC. On the page, go ahead and download the following applications:

After installing all these applications, launch OS 14 Launcher!

STEP 5: Grant the appropriate permissions to the apps

Now that everything is installed, we need to prove the proper permissions for the FRP bypass applications to work properly.

First, go to our FRP Tools page and use the Open Settings shortcut. Once Settings are open, go to Files and media > Locate the Xshare app, tap it, and select the “Allow management of all files” option.

Now open the Files application downloaded via Galaxy Store on Step 4, and install Bar-Settings.apk using it! After the installation finishes, press Open to launch the app, grant it the necessary permissions, then go to Accessibility settings.

Inside Accessibility Settings, tap on the Installed apps option, tap on Notification Bar, then toggle it ON on the screen that appears.

STEP 6: Install the necessary apps

Now go back to the Files Shortcut (installed from Galaxy Store) and install the Bar Settings and Package Disabler Pro applications!

Now navigate to Settings then Permission Manager then to Files and media and tap the dots icon on the right & enable “Show system apps” then locate the Package Disabler Pro application & grant it “Allow management of all files” permission.

Do the same for the Bar Settings application.

STEP 7: Activate the device with Package Disabler Pro

With all the above steps completed, now go to the home screen slide down the status bar, and turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. After this step is done, open the Package Disabler Pro application. You may be shown a terms and conditions page. You just need to agree with the terms of service and enable Package Disabler Pro then tap on the Activate Option.

After the Knox license activation / device management window shows up, slide down the status bar again and re-enable WiFi and Bluetooth, then press the blue “Agree” button on the bottom of the app.

Step 8: Bypass Google FRP

Now with Package Disabler Pro open, locate the following apps:

  • Android Setup
  • Samsung Setup Wizard

Tap the Android Setup app, check the DISABLE checkbox then tap Clear Data!

Now locate Samsung Setup Wizard, tap it, and press Clear Data!

After these, tap the back button and when asked, select Samsung Setup Wizard as your Home app. The Setup screen will now appear, but FRP is now bypassed so you can now set up your device normally as if FRP was never activated! Enjoy!

Samsung Galaxy A21s FRP Bypass VIDEO Tutorial

Final thoughts

While Samsung devices are indeed a marvel of engineering, and the Knox technology is not an easy target for an FRP bypass, it’s still very much possible to bypass FRP for FREE on Samsung devices in 2023, you just need the right tools and some motivation.

As always, this guide is only provided for educational purposes only. Bypassing FRP on a stolen phone is ILLEGAL. You are the only one responsible for your actions so please use the information provided in this guide responsibly.


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