How to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A03 Without PC

This is a step-by-step tutorial that explains how to remove the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) from the Samsung Galaxy A03 running Android 12. It’s likely that you have come across several ways to get around a Google account, some of which may or may not have been effective for you.

The reason for this is that security patch releases for Android are closing the gaps that were previously exploited to get around FRP on the Samsung Galaxy A03 using the prior version of Android. The workaround provided here might not even be functional in the future, as the Samsung Galaxy A03’s upcoming Android upgrade might resolve the issue.

If Android 12 is installed on your Samsung A03, this is a 100% functional guide. This bypass technique has been tried and tested by us, and it is verified to function.

Released on January 21, 2022, the Samsung A03 is a popular mid-range smartphone running Android 12. It has a Unisoc T606 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a twin camera system. All A03 models, such as the SM-A035F, SM-A035F/DS, SM-A035M, and SM-A035G, can be used with this method.

Samsung A03 Google Account Bypass 2023

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Following a hard reset, if your Galaxy A03 is FRP locked, it will prompt you to create a Google account and display the message below on a screen resembling the one above. In this instance, it is readily bypassable if you recall the Google account, pattern, or pin lock. If not, use the instructions below to unlock your phone.

Back to the actual procedure now, which has a 90% success rate in unlocking your phone. To get over the FRP lock, adhere to the detailed guidelines. Let’s get started on how to bypass your Google account from your phone without spending any more of your time.

To activate TalkBack, press and hold the Volume up and down buttons for a short while.

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Press the Volume Up and Down buttons for five seconds after tapping the close button. When the screen below appears, draw a L that is upside down and press Allow.

Say “Google Assistant,” and the virtual assistant will launch. Then, press the bottom keyboard button to access it. To open the YouTube app, type “Open Youtube” and tap.

In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a profile symbol. Tap on it. Select the Google privacy policy by tapping on Settings > About.

Tapping the Privacy policy will cause the Chrome browser to open. Download all of these files by typing “” into the URL bar.

  • Download the Notification Bar File Shortcut and Package Disabler Pro apk. (When downloading through the Galaxy Store, a Samsung account is required.)
  • Xshare App OS14 Launcher (Downloading from the Galaxy Store requires a Samsung account)

Open the iOS Launcher app after installing each of these apps. Give Xshare all the necessary rights in the launcher’s settings. The Files apps have also been downloaded, so launch it and install Bar-Settings.apk. When the app asks for permissions after installation, press Open to open it.

This will take you back to the Accessibility settings. After selecting Installed apps, you’ll see the screen below. Tap Notification Bar once again.
Lastly, confirm that you enable it as instructed below. Additionally, you have downloaded the Files apps. Open them, install the package disabler, and adjust the bar settings.

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In the phone’s settings, enable the bar setting. Navigate to Settings > Permission manager > Files and media > Show system >, then look for and allow package disabler pro. Disconnect your wifi and slide down the notification panel on your home screen. Launch Package Deactivator Pro. Accept the license, turn it on, and then press Activate.

Sliding down the notification panel and connecting to WiFi will cause the Knox licensing screen to appear. Tap agree. Search for Android setup in the package disabler pro window, tap it, then tap both disable and clean data. Return, look for the Samsung setup wizard, and select Clear Data.

To choose the Samsung setup wizard as your home app, press the back button. Go ahead and configure your phone. Best wishes! You have successfully circumvented your Galaxy A03’s Google Account. Remember to let me know if you run across any problems in the comment section.

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